Parental values and practices (2)

May’s POV

My little brother, mark, started fumbling with my hair. He’s all shades of awesome. We sat together watching our favorite TV show. Mum dropped onto the couch and mumbled, “I’m beat”. She soaked her legs in a bucket of water that I prepared before her arrival and gulped down a strange-looking liquid. ‘It would have been a lot easier for her if the day wasn’t so busy’. Dad stormed in almost immediately in between my thoughts, I have been waiting for you”, he said. He shook his head.”I do not want to believe you have no serious plans for dinner.

“Im so tired, darling —that was why i called earlier to ask you if we could make something snappy. We can make do with bread and tea tonight, right? I feel so lame, she wheezed. He set his jaw and stared out the window. I could see anger and resentment all over his face. His voice was deadly serious and monotone,”Woman, seventy times I’ve said i do not like snappy foods.” The loud ring that came from mum’s phone made matters worse. He bellowed, “Hand me that phone or I’ll skin you alive.

The phone hovered in the air—the threat was desperate

Children do not just develop behavior from nowhere, they only act on what they see in their environment and every interaction they make within such environment . This kind of education is called Informal Education. Informal Education is a type of education one acquires from his or her environment
and this includes man, weather, gesture, animals, and media. All these examples makes up one’s environment.The attribute of these examples can rob off on a child’s person. We have children who acts like their father or mother because their actions are visual. They learn what they see and it percolates into their reasoning. One great value parent should possess is love. Love should be expressed and this way it saps every unlikely attitude from children. Children are not apathetic, they are susceptible to deep emotions. Sometimes as parents, we get worked out and we want to rattle and snap at our children. Instead of saying something wrong, we can just keep quiet. Silence is golden.When a person is slow to speak, such person will be slow to wrath. You can delay the situation and handle it better.

Values for trail

  • Patience : This literally means long temper without being physically and verbally violent. Patience comes with a position of power. It brings self restraint and careful thinking. When children have learnt this from their parents, they will be able to understand the word ‘wait’. Letting our kids wait is a good thing. We should not drop everything immediately to get a drink or snack for our kids just because they ask. This is how they learn little patience.
  • Honour : Honouring ourselves and others comes with respect. Love does not behave rudely.Only people who have understood love can respect without question. I met a child few years ago calling an elder ‘old fool’ and I was displeased.Children must respect elders and their parents enough to accept commands, requests and answers. Sometimes,as parents we might just want to say no. They must respect that in obedience.
  • Truth: Truth is a great pillar in relationships. It fortifies a solid foundation within the home. As parents, honesty should be our central value. Explain issues to your children in honesty and you’ll be building a lifelong bond of trust with them. Don’t make them fear you such that they want to lie when you question them. There is no fear in love.
  • Faith: Faithfulness is steadfastness, constancy or allegiance. It is also carefulness in keeping what we are entrusted with. Faith believes and hope in all things. Sometimes, children just want you to believe in them and it won’t do any harm if we believe even if they have developed some unpleasant characters from the environment. Surround them with your words of faith.Build them up with these words. No corrupt communication should proceed out of our mouth towards our children. Also, teach them never to give up.
  • Kindness: As parents, we must be full of compassion,tender and show concern to others. We want to protect people we care about and look out for them. Showing love unfeigned towards everyone will teach kids to give out the same. Giving is an act of love. Children should be kind enough to say words like ‘thank you’ to people too.Gratitude always comes from a kind heart.


Parenting practices(styles) based on human wisdom(authoritative, permissive or uninvolved) cannot be estemed over the ways of the father (God).All of the values above are embedded in love. Love is the greatest and it does not fail. Each time you get worned out as parents,draw from your father’s(God) love. No matter how much you draw, it doesn’t dry up(unending).That’s pretty swell. The best practice is to walk in love and I can assure you will raise children that exhibits love and goodness.

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    This is an interesting piece and I love it. But it is a tall order for me

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  4. … This is a perfect piece of the habits every parent should inculcate for the benefit of their family… God bless you Hadassah.

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    Thanks for the knowledge shared dear

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