Time does not really have a specific purpose except that we, as owners and overseers, dispense it out as it suits us. Some people spend time; others kill it. There are those who do time, those who while it away, those who are selfish with it, those who waste it, those who wish there were more in order words;twenty-four(24) hours is not enough, and those who don’t want any at all. Some of us simply don’t know what it’s for, haven’t taken the time to think about it, and don’t know how to use it for its highest and best uses. Like all things, time has limits. If for no other reason, this is why we should expend our time to its highest and best uses. Some people have an understanding of managing their own time, and others just use up time as it comes along. Those of us who understand time live every moment to the fullest; if we don’t, we drive into disorder trying to squeeze in plans, never accomplishing anything beyond maintenance, and worse yet, we don’t even know it. Many factors influences time, take control of it, manipulates it, and distorts it. It could be people around us, activities, nature, or even the manager of the time. Time needs to be managed properly. Well, it all depends on what we see as being productive with time. Every part of our lives needs time to be productive. What we don’t spend time on won’t yield. Spouses are to love and share time with their children. Not denying our loved ones time gives them a sense of importance. Adults know their partners well enough to know what their needs are. Adults are usually mature enough to be able to tell their partners what their wants are but children on the other hand may not know their needs. Spending time with your children gives you knowledge of what their needs and wants are.There is an item which fulfills both a want and a need simultaneously ; that item is time.

Children do not derive companionship with the parent who allows the children to remain in the area while the parent is occupied with a project of his/her own particularly those who come home with job affairs. To give time to another person requires doing what the other person wants and needs, and it means focusing on the person; not on some other entity therefore attention and time works hand in hand. Sometimes when our children wants to converse with us, the child needs and wants to choose the nature of the conversation. The child neither needs nor
wants a treatise on the beliefs and opinions of the parent sometimes. Some parents even rave in such conversations. It is easy to make another person (child or adult) feel good by discussing things or doing things that interest the other
person. By making another person feel good, one has spent time well. By serving one’s own interest, however, both party’s time has been wasted. We really receive only by giving of ourselves. In as much as everything in our lives needs time, we should learn to plan, manage and use our time efficiently. If we allow people or activities storm into our lives everytime to shatter our intended actions, such life will continue to be unproductive because unfulfillment of vital plans can be detrimental. A writer once said that there is time for everything. Everything needs time even children. Sometimes,it is not the amount of time spent but what’s done with such free time. Time quality simply means being productive in a positive manner at the expense of time.

Ways to spend time with your kids

  1. Devote some time to your child or children. This time can be spent doing various activities which can include playing, talking, walking, listening to music, dancing, teaching or simply cooking together. Note that if you have more than one child, this attention has to be even so that none feels less loved or left out
  2. The objective of spending time is quality ;spending free time in a productive manner. Make good use of every free time you get. No time is a waste. It includes the time when you are driving your child to school and back, or when they come back from school and have not yet sat down to start their homework. You can have fun preparing dinner together and washing the dishes thereafter. Make every moment count.
  3. Show your children they are always on your mind if you are the busy type(work late). You will naturally not be able to execute these bonding activities with your children. You could always keep reminding the kids that you are constantly thinking about them and missing them. Leave small notes in the lunch bag or on top of their neatly piled clothes for the day. Make them their favorite breakfast and set it on the table, so that when the kids wake up, they will know you made it specially for them.
  4. At certain age, children especially teens want to see you as coequal. At times you will need to put yourself in their shoes, so as to help you understand what they’re going through. You will need to treat your teenager as a coequal in order to gain his trust, however hard it may seem. Nonetheless, you must know where to draw the line, so that they don’t get carried away. You must make sure that you step in as the parent, when required. The most suitable way to deepen the bond with your teenager is to share your experiences with him or her. Talk about your heartbreaks and dilemmas that you faced, while growing up. The confusion and the resentment you experienced as a teenager and how you dealt with them and found appropriate solutions. Talk about the mistakes you made and how you tried to mend your way, through the years. Your teenager will respect your honesty and will gain invaluable insight about life.

No matter how busy you are, always remember that your family are part of your time. Make out time for them. The prudent and proper use of time is closely related to the prudent and proper way to live one’s life. Use your time efficiently.

I want to apologize to all my readers for not posting last week. It was due to a circumstance that has been managed. I want to say thank you for the follow up and for sharing this with others. I love you!!!

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